Property hunting - It started with a wish...
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Property hunting - It started with a wish...

Searching for your dream home should be exciting and fun but can take time and it can feel deflating when you don’t find ‘the one’ straight away’. We offer a property hunting services to our potential buyers so we can find you the right home.

We gather as much information about your search as possible, creating a 'wish list' and will keep looking until we find a match. If we do not have the right property for your needs, itcasa can expand the search beyond its portfolio of properties for sale through its network of collaboration with local and non-local agencies. 

As there is a commission from both the buyer and seller in the buying process it is easy for agents from different agencies to work together so if we don’t the right property within our own portfolio we can easily look further afield and reach out to other agents on your behalf. This way, buyers have the consistency of only having to deal with one person and the peace of mind that they are working with a fully bilingual, registered agency and can be sure that their interests are being looked after

"We had been house hunting for over 4 years through various agents before meeting Pierluigi and Tracey. We received numerous emails from itcasa with various proposals and one day I received an email from Tracey with information about a property we had never seen until then that looked fabulous. Itcasa went to visit the property with the agent who had it for sale and gave us a detailed account of the pros and cons. A few weeks later we flew out and went to see the property in person and fell in love with it! We then used itcasa's after sales services to manage the property and carry out the renovation and we can't thank them enough for everything they have done for us over the years."
Owner and customer since 2015