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Project management

Many foreign buyers have struggled to navigate the complexities involved with property refurbishment in Italy and consequently incurred large fines that could easily have been avoided with the right assistance. The building regulations and legal requirements are often unclear and require interpreting based not only on the scope of the work but also on the location of the property and the local authority involved.

For anyone seeking to refurbish a property in any way, from a simple conversion to a complex project or the addition of a pool, tennis court or even an underground gym, itcasa  offers a comprehensive and professional Project Management service.

Itcasa will explain each step of the process and assist you throughout, from the exact definition and scope of the project to the feasibility studies, meetings, the site management, the permit and authorization requests, the contractor management and the final sign off upon completion. We will provide expert, impartial advice, translating documents and conversations where necessary.

Our knowledge of the local area, Italian culture, the laws and building regulations and our extensive network of contacts both within the local authorities and with professionals and contractors will ensure projects are undertaken in the most professional manner and that timetables and budgets are adhered to so as to fulfill your vision of the project.

In the event that you do not already have a trusted team,  itcasa can introduce you to and assist you in the selection of engineers, architects, builders, plumbers, electricians or a varied array of specialists based on your requirements and the type of project. If the project requires permits or authorizations,  itcasa, together with your team, will prepare and submit the requests to the competent authorities in order to obtain the necessary approvals.

During the project,  itcasa will work closely with them to prepare a detailed indicative timetable to completion and will manage the team in order to minimize any downtime and consequently, the time to completion. Regular updates will be given so that even if you are not on site you can sleep easy in the knowledge that your project is proceeding as agreed and in full compliance with current rules and regulations.