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Via a carefully selected network located both in Italy and abroad, itcasa is able to advertise its portfolio of properties to a vast potential market.

itcasa maximises the sale potential of each property through:

  • An office located on a central road in Anghiari, a popular destination for both national and international tourists;
  • The use of strategically placed window displays in an around the local area;
  • Advertising on a range of high profile national and international property portals;
  • Targeted advertising in both local and national press.

itcasa recognises the importance of keeping sellers informed of interest in their property and as such, provides timely feedback from each viewing and constructive suggestions on how to make the property more appealing to prospective buyers.

itcasa is able to assist the seller in all phases of the sale, from the valuation of the property itself, to the preparation and collection of the certificates and documents necessary for the sale, drafting of all the technical and legal procedures necessary for the preliminary contract and then the notarial deed. Assistance is also offered in the preparation of all the relevant documentation required when selling a property in Italy including the selection and hiring of approved, external professionals for structural surveys and energy efficiency certificates, both of which are legal requirements when selling a property in Italy and are the sole responsibility of the seller.