Property Management in Tuscany – sexy boiler time…

For anyone thinking of buying a place in Italy, having your property professionally managed really takes the stress out of owning a home in here. When we opened our estate agency, we realised that it was an area that needed covering to really help our clients enjoy their homes and it's something that has been [...].

Autumn in Tuscany - food and community

I have decided to treat 2020 like a child who is behaving badly to get attention and so I'm ignoring it. It will not be counted on my calendar (a rather good decision seeing as I have a scarily big birthday coming up in a few weeks), I will not pander to it in anyway. […]

The head vs heart approach to property hunting

Buying or selling a home is often a heartfelt journey. We love getting to know our clients and helping them overcome hurdles and hiccups that come hand-in-hand with all things property related here in Italy. My favourite part of our job is hunting for properties for clients, helping fulfil someone's dream of having a home [...].