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Information on data protection

Information on data protection

The following information relates to the way in which this website manages users' personal information. This disclosure is also provided, in compliance with art. 13 of Italian Decree Law no. 196/2003 "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali", to those users who interact with the website services provided by itcasa from it's homepage at www.itcasa.it onwards.

This disclosure relates exclusively to the itcasa website and not to external websites which may be accessible through it by links, etc. This disclosure is also in line with the Recommendation n°2/2001 which the European Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, unified into the Group created by article 29 of the European Directive n°95/46/CE, adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify the minimum requirements for the collection of personal information online and more specifically, the methods, timing and nature of the information the collectors must provide to the users when they access the website, regardless of the reason for their access.

Data Controller
Following access to this website personal information regarding identified or identifiable users can be processed. The data controller of this information is dott. Pierluigi Agostino Lega, founder of itcasa, registered office, via Mazzini 7, Anghiari (AR).

Data processing centre
Data processing relating to this website's services takes place at In.I.T. Srl Via Nino Bixio, 45 - 06135 Ponte San Giovanni (PG) and the information therein is accessed only by authorised personnel or occasionally by authorised service technicians. No data deriving from our services is distributed or made available to third parties. All information provided by those users who register online as customers is used exclusively to provide the services requested and are not distributed to third parties.

Type of data used

Online activity information
The systems and software used in this website collect personal data in the ordinary course of their activity in order to allow the correct functioning of standard internet protocol. 
The information is not processed in order to identify users, however, together with other information collected, held and processed by third parties may allow the user to be identified.
This information includes IP addresses, domain names of connected computers, URI addresses, connection times, method used to submit requests to the server, the size of the file requested, the numerical code providing the status of the delivery request (delivered, undeliverable, etc) and other information regarding the operating system and IT resources of the user.
This data is only used for anonymous statistical purposes regarding the usage of the website and to verify its correct functioning and is deleted once it has been processed. The information could also hypothetically be used to determine responsibility in the event of criminal behaviour towards the website.

Information provided willingly by users
Information provided willingly to addresses contained in this website automatically imply the disclosure of information such as e-mail addresses, necessary in order to reply and any other information contained therein.

Online registration
The provision of information required in order to register online as a customer and any consent given regarding marketing initiatives, etc, implicitly permits itcasa to collect and store all and any information provided.

No personal information is gathered by the website through cookies.
Cookies are not used to transfer personal information or in any way to monitor user activity.

Treatment of personal information
Personal information will be used with the aid of electronic equipment and held only for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.
Specific safety measures are taken to prevent the loss of data, illegal use and unauthorised access.

Rights of the data subject
The data subject is entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether or not data relating to him is held, the content and origin of the information, its accuracy or ask for it to be corrected or updated (article 7 of Italian Decree Law no. 196/2003). Under the provisions of the aforementioned article, the data subject is entitled to obtain the deletion, conversion into anonymous form or freezing of all data used in breach of the law, as well as to oppose, on legitimate grounds, the processing of data relating to him. All requests must be sent to the data controller.

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